The right time for issue management...

Issue management can be used flexibly, and can be tailored to meet your requirements.  We don’t simply apply issue management to restructuring cases – we’d much rather work with you on the development and expansion of your company.

Business development
Besides classical turnaround or restructuring, we also offer business development services. If, for example, you wish to enter new domestic or international markets, you’ll be sure to find an experienced specialist on our team to give you the practical assistance you need. This specialist will work with you operatively until you feel at ease in the new market and have had your first success. These same services can be provided for the introduction of new products and / or business models.

Interim management
Our team is also available to bridge shortages in manpower, organization and operations. Should you lose a key employee and urgently require support, we can send you an issue manager to assist you until you’ve hired an adequate replacement and fully trained that new employee. You can also count on us to take over any unpleasant but urgent matters you may be facing.

Business Management
Are you dealing with an unusually challenging situation right now? Are you facing the need to hand over your company? Are you hoping to buy another company which needs to be integrated into the existing organization? Or are you maybe even considering selling your company in order to gain time for yourself or your family? All of these options are not situations which an entrepreneur can be immediately familiar with, and, unfortunately, there is no pre-existing roadmap to follow. Fortunately, at peritas we have issues managers with the necessary experience, sensitivity and responsible mindset to come alongside you as you make the best possible decisions.

We hope you’ll contact us. Together we’ll help you write your own roadmap.How we work ...