Manager Pool

A transparent team – The peritas issue manager pool

The peritas team is currently made up of some 60 experienced professionals – both highly qualified first-level managers and experienced second-level executives from large companies or groups. Thanks to the strong personal relationships we have within our team, together with our shared experience, we’re able to provide a clear overview of the strengths and weaknesses of all our colleagues. Which is why we’ll only send you the issue managers who are the very best fit for your needs.

Time is of the essence in our field, and clients expect issue managers to tackle the problem immediately. When a crisis hits, there’s no time for a long selection processes. To prevent a “shipwreck,” the right person for the task needs to take over the helm as soon as possible. Our “SkillFinder” tool offers interested entrepreneurs and their consultants a powerful instrument to simplify the search process and make it more efficient. And it adds to the transparency of our team.

Choose the right person for the job with the SkillFinder

Operatively intuitive, the SkillFinder makes selecting the right manager an easy task. At the push of a button, clients can select the clear, well-structured profiles of each of our qualified managers and print them out as a PDF document, if desired. After that, an e-mail or phone call is all it takes to get an assignment profile and begin tackling the task at hand. The search is based on two simple criteria:  required function and branch experience. Our team currently covers more than 1,200 function-branch combinations (skill sets). This wide range of expertise means we’ll be able to handle whatever challenge you may have for us, whenever it might be. Please test us  (HERE >>).