peritas Philosophy

We don’t hesitate – we take action – at just the right time, with expertise and sustainably.
Our internationally experienced managers are personally committed to you and your company.

“We are not only responsible for what we do and how we do it, but also for the things we do not at all or too late.” (Peter Riedel)

Our objective is to put our years of experience and our top-class contacts to work providing companies with solutions to their most urgent problems: quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost. Facing new challenges and “taking things into our own hands” is what we enjoy doing. Which is why we’ll become active in your business ourselves – but not by starting a new career at your company or becoming your permanent consultants. We work independently and objectively, keeping your objective in mind at all times.

As we see it, issue management serves as an accompanying measure for the sustainable reorganization or restructuring of companies. Its objective is to create sound companies who are then able to maintain sustainable economic activities and remain successful for the long term. Reorganization and restructuring measures often focus on short-term success, and this lack of sustainability typically leads the company back into a new crisis in the short or medium term. This, in turn, tends to severely threaten the very existence of the company. Deficiencies (operative, sociological or ethical) left undetected or not fully eliminated come back with a vengeance, becoming even more virulent due to an “optimized” cost structure. In order to remain competitive for the long term, then, it is essential for your company to establish sustainable economic measures.

Our clients are our partners. We’ll stay in touch with you even after the job is done. It goes without saying that we hold ourselves to the highest of professional standards and the strictest of ethical principles. Which is what our clients appreciate about us. We live peritas issue management.