About us

peritas consists of a team of around 60 issue managers – all of whom have built a reputation for themselves as successful professionals with a wealth of experience, and have 15 to 25 years of experience as successful executives in industrial companies. Our issue managers speak several languages and have worked in various managerial positions, mainly as managing directors, members of executive boards or chairpersons of management boards in companies ranging from medium-sized to large conglomerates – in Germany and abroad.

With us, you will find managers who are ready to challenge established systems and processes, and to replace them if necessary. They are outstanding business people who take on responsibility and achieve long-term success. When a company faces a difficult situation and its owner does not have sufficient time to personally handle the challenge, our crisis-tested issue managers can quickly intervene and, with their expertise, bridge any shortages that may threaten the company’s existence.

Our issue managers stand out from the rest by, among other things, their independence, flexibility, high level of assertiveness, strong entrepreneurial personality, competent evaluation of situations, emotional intelligence and a feeling for people, markets, situations and companies.